CPX Underground products and septic tanks 75-500L

Cipax product Infrastructure consist of the CPX underground collection tanks and the associated increase necks and CPX sand containers 75-500 L for deicing.

CPX underground closed tanks 1250 - 6000 L manufactured in polyethylene used for the collection of e.g. sewerage, fresh water and rainwater. These tanks are used primarily as a closed collection tanks for vacuum systems and other water-saving toilets. We deliver sealed tanks for wastewater and HVAC industry but also to companies in the water treatment. In addition to closed tanks supplying Cipax increase necks designed for fixed installation depth and an adjustable telescopic neck. Among the other accessories are also wireless level alarm.

CPX sand container is a series of containers for the storage of sand or salt. Sand containers are available in four sizes, 75, 150, 300 and 500 liters. All of CPX sand boxes are equipped with brackets to lock the container with a padlock. The containers may also be used for storing other than sand or salt. Why not use them for pillows to furniture or storage box for toys or sports equipment.

Because the products are rotational molded CPX products are no joints, which gives a product without any weak points. This, together with the large radius facilitates emptying and cleaning. At the end of the product life cycle are recyclable. Rotational molded products operate within a wide temperature range from approximately -30 ° C to + 50 ° C, at temperatures higher than 40 ° C, we recommend that you contact your contact person for more information.

Polyethylene is characterized by its good resistance to both acid and alkaline liquids and its good corrosion resistance. CPX products are manufactured in FDA approved materials and most products are tested according to Normpack regulations regarding migration.