CPX Silos & tanks 200-10000L conical bottom

CPX Rectangular containers with conical bottom are used to handle viscous product such as mustard, mayonnaise, and other slow moving products or dry free flowing products. The containers is most often fitted with stainless 2" or 3" SMS thread with stainless butterfly valves. The tanks can also be fitted with PVC-

CPX Silos from 800 to 1500L are specially designed for storage, transports, and dosing of powder and other dry products. To maintain an even mix of different substances in a product where all particles has special characters is for many companies a must. Examples of this can be ingredients in food, active substances in pharmaceuticals or the mix of materials in other products. Our silos special construction allows a mass flow which allows a fully emptied container. When you handle dry products often problems occur due to different sizes, weights and friction which all leads to separation. Silos are delivered with or without frame for handling with forklift or for installation in buildings.

CPX Materialcontainer 600 liter is made for storage freeflowing dry products as granulse, pellets or tables. The container has a centered outlet for full emtying. Can be handled with forklift.

CPX Storagetanks with conical bottom is used when you need bigger storage or dosing of viscous products.Can be fitted with bottomconnection for full emptying. 600 mm manhole as standard. Can be delivered with stainless steel stand.

The products is as standard produced in natural polyethylene, but can also be delivered with black pigmented. The material used is characterized by its good resistance towards both acid and basic liquids and its good resistance to corrosion. All products are manufactured in FDA approved material and the final products have been approved according to Normpack's rules concerning migration. .


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