CPX  Containers & tanks 14 to 15000 liter

Vi offer a wide range of tanks as standard. Open, closed cylindrical, rectangular with flat or conical bottom. If you still do not find a suitable one we are able to manufacture according your measures. All our container and tanks can be aquipped with very many accessories such as connections, valves, trolleys, pumps, pipes and more.

CPX Containers and tanks are made of PE and PP. They are good for storage, mixing and dispensing of both acid and alkaline liquids. We supply plastic tanks for wastewater and HVAC industry, process industry, pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries.

Cipax offers a high level of service with short leadtimes and we install all accessories to the tanks to your specific requirements. The specially adapted tank is ready to use directly from delivery. All welds are performed by certified welders and we are also certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. All products are manufactured in FDA approved materials and the end products are tested according to Normpack regulations regarding migratio

Because the products are rotational molded there are no joints and therefore easy to cleand and without weak points. At the end of the product life cycle they are fully recyclable. The products can be used within a broad temperature range from approximately -30 ° C to + 50 ° C, at temperatures higher than 40 ° C, we recommend that you contact your contact person for more information. All are manufactured as standard in natural but can also be supplied with black pigmentation.

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