Water tanks 75 - 320 litres

Water tank 75 litres
Volume 75 liter
Water tank 95 litres
Volume 95 liter
Water tank 100 litres
Volume 100 liter
Height 250 mm
Water tank 120 litres
Volume 120 liter
Water tank 140 litres
Volume 140 liter
Water tank 145 litres
Volume 145 liter
Water tank 170 litres
Volume 170 liter
Water tank 190 litres
Volume 190 liter
Water tank 230 litres
Volume 230 liter
Water tank 270 litres
Volume 270 liter
Water tank 320 litres
Volume 320 liter

Rotational moulded tanks made out of natural material. The tanks are used in boats, caravans and mobile homes for handling of water. We offer short delivery times and assemble fittings according to your specific needs. The fittings on the pictures are standard placements. The material is FDA approved polyethylene. The tanks are corrosion resistant, light and durable. If you do not find a suitable tank we can produce a special tank for a reasonable cost from series of 50 pcs per year. All tanks are equipped with a Ø 150mm cap which makes a the tanks easy to clean if needed.

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