Buoys for fish farming

Cipax offers a broad range of buoys for marine harvesting from 260 to 4200 net buoyancy.

The range is divided into the two types CB (Cylindrical Buoy) and LAB (Light Anchor Buoy).

The CB buoys are available in sizes from 260 to 1800 and the LAB buoys from 380 to 4200. All buoys have thoroughgoing steel armatures.

Cipax buoys has a shell of rotational moulded polyethylene with high impact strength which is filled with polystyrene foam. In case of a collision or other impact, the float still retains its full floating capacities even if the shell of the float has been damaged.

The polystyrene foam is a freon free, recyclable cell plastic with very good floating capacit which has been used for many years in the marine environment. Polyethylene is environmental friendly, recyclable och corrosion free plastic material. 

Both the CB and the LAB buoys are produced in reference to NS 9415 (NS 9415 Floating fish farming installations – design, dimensioning, construction, installation and operational requirements).

Innovation and development
Cipax works continuously to develope and adapt the products to customer needs. For example own hot-dipped galvanized mounting brackets for lighting and radar reflector has been added to the product range for both CB and LAB.

Furthermore Cipax works together with universities and research facilities to meet ever improving demands for fish farming equipment.

LAB buoys are specially designed for resistance to cope high forces in rough sea.

All Cipax' buoys are available in the standard colors yellow, gray and red but can also be produced in a number of different colors if wanted.

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