Our offer

This includes all from project management, construction of mould and product, production, full assembling to logistics.

To involve us in an early stage of the project, means that we can give all our input to you to find the best solution for your products.


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    Project management

    We use an efficient APQP project model to ensure that we live up to the performance and customer requirements from project to finished product.

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    Our own designers helps to create the most optimal product with our customers. All design work is done in 3D. Calculations are done by using FEA analysis.

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    Design and manufacture of tools offered in-house or in cooperation with carefully selected suppliers. We have extensive experience in developing tools in both steel and aluminum.

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    We offer manufacturing facilities in several countries with several machine types in different sizes. This provides the ability to optimize production for each product and needs.

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    Quality & environment

    Quality assurance is carried out to ensure correct products. We use a variety of tools such as tracer gas, ultrasound, cameras, measuring machine and jigs and interpreters. Optimization of the product to minimize material consumption. All plastic waste is recycled.

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    After processing

    The production process is followed by different types of after processing. This processing can be made either manually, or when the demand is extra high by CNC-machining.

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    When there is high demands for clean products, we use our special cleaning equipment. After the cleaning process all products are dried and sealed before being packed.

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    We offer full assembling to complete systems packed for market. Ready to be sent direct to endclient.

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    Logistic solutions​

    Logistic solutions are offered including EDI. The transport of the ready product is thought about already in the construction phase in order to minimize the transport volume.